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The ending of the Arrowverse crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths” was a treat for fans of DC TV shows across various outlets.  For starters, the crossover wound up accomplishing what most viewers had hoped from the beginning– that all of The CW’s DC Comics shows, including ‘Black Lightning,‘ were now set on one Earth, Earth-Prime.

But that doesn’t mean that all of the realities from the Multiverse were gone.  Instead, it appeared that an all-new Multiverse had formed: Earth-2, setting for the upcoming series ‘Stargirl’, which will be offered on both the DC Universe streaming service and The CW; Earth-9, home of ‘Titans’, which had been among the parallel universes destroyed at the beginning of “Crisis”; Earth-12, setting of the recently announced ‘Green Lantern’ series coming to HBO Max; Earth-19, setting of DC Universe’s defunct ‘Swamp Thing’; Earth-21, setting for DC Universe’s ‘Doom Patrol’— firmly establishing that even though this show was originally meant to be a spin-off of ‘Titans’, it now takes place in its own reality; and Earth-96, the “Kingdom Come” Earth, which is also believed to be the reality of the Christopher Reeve ‘Superman’ movies and Brandon Routh’s ‘Superman Returns’.


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The CW

(There is still the question of what happened to the inhabitants of Earth-89, Earth-66, Earth-203, etc.)

Just don’t expect to see them again on a CW show.  Those chances were squashed on the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’, “The Bottle Episode,” when Brainiac-5 attempted to scan for parallel universes using vibrational frequencies.  There was nothing there.  So as far as the heroes of The CW know, they live on the one and only Earth.  This was further reinforced as it was discovered that unique individuals from the various “eliminated” Earths existed on the new Earth-Prime.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim further reinforced this on Twitter on Monday, following the airing of this ‘Supergirl’ episode:

Expect to see more ramifications from “Crisis on Infinite Earths” as new episodes of all of The CW DC shows air over the coming weeks.

Are you disappointed that it seems that The CW heroes won’t be sharing the screen with the characters from the DC shows on DC Universe or HBO Max?  Or is it easier to keep track of them this way?