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RUMOR MILL: This information is strictly RUMOR for now, so take it with a grain of salt!

It has been reported by Discussing Film that Barbara Gordon / Oracle will be introduced in Season 3 of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’.  There is no source credited, but this would be a logical addition.  Oracle has been knocked off in the form of Chloe Sullivan on ‘Smallville’ and Felicity Smoak (Overwatch) in the Arrowverse.  It’s past time that the OG computer information broker to the superheroes got her due.

DC Comics

The producers are reportedly seeking an actual actor in a wheelchair for the role.  For Season 2, deaf actor Chella Man was cast to play Jericho.  That character isn’t deaf in the comics, but mute.  However, the TV version is both.


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If you have been following the development of the ‘Titans’ TV show all the way back from when it was being crafted for TNT, you’ll recall that Oracle was one of the main characters that would have been included, along with Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, and Hawk & Dove.  When the show wasn’t picked up by TNT, and then shifted to DC Universe, Beast Boy was added as one of the core characters, Hawk & Dove were demoted to supporting, and Oracle dropped entirely.  Series creator Geoff Johns has been with the show since the TNT days, so expect her storyline to incorporate ideas that were originally conceived for the TNT show.

Barbara Gordon is perhaps better known as Batgirl, but following the 1988 one-shot ‘The Killing Joke’, Barbara was paralyzed and relegated to a wheelchair.  It was then that she forged the Oracle identity and in many ways, became a more essential character than she had ever been as Batgirl.


RELATED:  It has been reported by Discussing Film that Barbara Gordon / Oracle will be introduced in Season 3 of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’. 


But Batgirl is a better-known identity among the general public, so in 2011, she reverted to that identity.  She retains her computer expertise, but is a more physical character.  DC did not introduce a new Oracle to take her place.

Barbara Gordon has never been a member of the Titans/Teen Titans in the comics, however, she has worked with The Team on the ‘Young Justice’ animated series as both Batgirl and Oracle.

Once again, the introduction of Oracle is just a RUMOR for now, but as far as rumors go, this is one is pretty easy to believe.

Are you excited that Barbara Gordon may join the cast of ‘Titans’ next season?