Dave Filoni

While the world awaits the next ‘Star Wars’ film, there are other projects on the horizons for the galaxy far, far away, including the exciting news about the upcoming live-action series being written and produced by Jon Favreau. The latest news includes what might be some set photos from a location in Southern California, which points toward the series taking place on a planet/locations similar to Tatooine or Jakku. If it is Jakku, that would fit with what we have heard about the series taking place pre-‘The Force Awakens,’ and maybe including hints of Rey’s story there, or a story tangential to hers, although the set-photos from ‘Making Star Wars’ do not include any known characters or aliens, just actors wearing dark brown jackets with hoodies that almost look like Jawa hoodies.

dave filoni
Eugene Powers / Shutterstock.com

More exciting is the news that Dave Filoni, executive producer, writer, director, and later creator of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ and now, ‘Star Wars Resistance,’ may be making his live-action directorial debut with the series, according to an unverified rumor from ‘Making Star Wars.’ If the source is accurate, Filoni would be directing the pilot episode and one other episode of the season, with 3 other directors also taking on 2 episodes each, meaning the first season would be 8 episodes.

This makes sense if Disney/ Lucasfilm is planning to spend a good amount of money on each episode. Favreau would stay as producer/ writer most likely to maintain continuity across all the episodes, and allow others to run more of the day-to-day. It would be fascinating to see what Filoni would bring to the table as a live-action director, having only seen his animated work, but this could help explain why he is not as involved in ‘Star Wars Resistance’ now that it is about to launch, since he will clearly need time to prep for his directorial duties.

What are your thoughts on the news about the live-action series? Do you think Filoni will transition well, as other animated directors have before him? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!