Swamp Thing
Swamp Thing — Ep. 106 — Photo Credit: Fred Norris / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Ian Ziering has left the swamps of Marais, Louisiana behind, to return to the sunnier and more familiar zip code of Beverly Hills ‘90210’ to star in FOX’s sequel/revival/reboot of its ’90s era soap opera.  But for a fleeting moment, he had the recurring role of Dan Cassidy on DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’ a show that had the indignity of being canceled just after the first episode was released on the fledgling streaming service.  (This was despite overall positive reviews and fan reaction.)

Had the series continued, Season 2 would have seen Cassidy transformed into the demonic form of Blue Devil.  As the show’s creators have revealed, they had a three-season plan in place that would have eventually led to the formation of Justice League Dark.


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Concept artist and creature designer Jerad S. Marantz took to Instagram to share a few concept designs revealing the more monstrous form of Blue Devil, who looks a lot like a smurfy version of Lord Darkness (Tim Curry) from ‘Legend’.


Pretty darn impressive, although I kind of hope they would have found something in the way of clothing for him to wear.

Unfortunately, we’ll never see Ian Ziering in full demon mode.  At the very least, there is talk that Warner Brothers may develop a ‘Swamp Thing’ theatrical film, but it will not be a continuation of the series.

What do you think of these designs for Blue Devil?