Black Adam

With the origin of ‘Black Adam’ directly tied to that of ‘Shazam,’ it should come to no surprise that the two would be in the same cinematic universe. Now, producer Hiram Garcia has officially confirmed that the upcoming Dwayne Johnson DC superhero movie would be tied to the Zachary Levi film. Not only that, but the producer has dropped some hints that we’ll be seeing even more DC characters get a live-action adaptation in the upcoming film.


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In a recent interview, Garcia has shared:

“So first, because this is the same world as Shazam where everything is doing their own separate world. We have plans for our own version; we’re starting to craft a DC universe there around Black Adam, Shazam, and so forth and the plans for characters we have that are going to be introduced and so forth. Because ultimately, we love the idea of a shared universe. I think the fans love the idea of a shared universe. They love seeing these characters interact. So we have very ambitious plans. How we are going to do that and orchestrate it, it’s all in the works.”

You can’t help but wonder if these new characters could be The Justice Society which Johnson recently spoke about or the rumor that Doctor Fate and Isis could appear as well. Of course, those aren’t the only rumors about who could appear in the film as Hawkman has also been brought up recently. How many of these characters could appear in this version of The Justice Society is hard to say, but it could be a shift that DC and Warner Bros. are preparing in order to distance themselves from the ‘Justice League.’

Are you at all surprised that ‘Black Adam’ will exist in the same cinematic universe as ‘Shazam!’? Was there any doubt in your mind that these two could be sharing screen time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Black Adam’ will be dominating the box office on December 22nd, 2021!


Source: Heroic Hollywood