Hulu Inks A Deal With Funimation To Tackle Netflix's Increase In Anime Output

We keep hearing about Netflix picking up new anime shows and with one fell swoop Hulu may have outdone their streaming competitor. Hulu has just signed an agreement with Sony Pictures Television’s Funimation on a multi-year partnership. This will not only drastically increase the amount of anime that Hulu has available but will also increases the early access it will have on future distribution.

In some cases, it will make the streaming service the co-exclusive premiere destination to new subtitled anime hits on the same day and date with the worldwide premiere in Japan! Hulu and Funimation already had the exclusive release destination for shows such as ‘My Hero Academia,’ ‘Attack on Titan’, and ‘Tokyo Ghoul.’ This new deal will expand their reach and what they can stream to the world.

According to Gen Fukunaga, President, and CEO at Funimation:

“This expansive agreement, which symbolizes both companies’ shared commitment to anime, along with the support of SPT, further cements Funimation’s position as a global leader in anime distribution. It will fuel the acquisition of new titles and provide both Funimation and Hulu subscribers with access to the very best in anime that Japan has to offer.”

Hulu’s VP of Content Acquisition Lisa Holme also added:

“Funimation has been a longtime partner of ours, and together we have curated a full library of the most sought-after anime series from all over the world on Hulu. With this new deal, we are doubling-down on our investment to continue growing our world-class anime offering with even more shows that we know our viewers love to watch.”

With Netflix increasingly trying to expand their market into anime, this will be a massive blow to the service as Hulu already offers 10,000 hours of subtitled and dubbed entertainment and will only grow from here.

For the fans of anime out there, would this be a reason for you to subscribe to the streaming service? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Collider