The Flash in Crisis On Infinite Earths

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen the final two chapters of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, this contains MASSIVE SPOILERS so turn back now or proceed with caution.

The CW split up its annual crossover event between its DC Comics-based shows over the winter hiatus, with the first three episodes of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” airing in December, and the last two on Tuesday, January 14.  The first three installments got mixed reactions from viewers, as there were some pacing issues, and the magnitude of the destruction depicted didn’t really come across.  But there were fun Easter Eggs, particularly in the first episode, which featured cameos from Burt Ward as the Dick Grayson of Earth-66, and Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox, the character he played in 1989’s ‘Batman’, on a world now known as Earth-89.

But the producers and network kept the biggest reveals and Easter Eggs for the final chapters, and no one was prepared for one cameo in particular!


Yes, Ezra Miller’s Flash came face-to-face with Grant Gustin’s!  This is remarkable in many every way.  For starters, if you’ve been following The CW shows from the start, you know there has been friction between the Warner Brothers film and television divisions, and on multiple occasions, the TV shows have been ordered to stop using certain characters when there were plans to use them in the movies, e.g. Deathstroke and The Suicide Squad.


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On top of that, there have been constant questions as to whether or not Miller’s Flash would ever be seen again, even though the actor has remained resolute that he would return.  There are reportedly plans to film his ‘Flash’ movie in the next year or so, but… well, there have been plans to film this flick for five years or so now, and so far it hasn’t happened.  So this appearance seems to reinforce Miller’s Flash’s future.

It’s fitting that this Flash was chosen to appear as opposed to any other DC movie character, just because The Flash is such a central figure in the original ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ comic book.  (Of course, he died in that, so… this is different than that.)

One thing I never realized is that Miller’s Barry never goes by “The Flash.”  I mean… he has a lightning bolt on his chest.  But no, I guess he has never adopted his famous codename, as he is confused when Gustin mentions that he is “The Flash, too.”  But any idea that this maybe occurred before the movies is dashed, as just before he disappears, Miller says, “I told Victor this was possible,” referring to Victor Stone/Cyborg, a character he didn’t meet until ‘Justice League’.

What did you think of Ezra Miller’s cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and do you think this will lead to any further blurred lines down the road?