• Ana De Armas Cast As Female Lead In ‘Blade Runner 2′

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 04:00 pm GMT -4

    We’ve just learned that Ana de Armas (‘Knock Knock’,’War Dogs’) has joined the cast of ‘Blade Runner 2‘ in one of the lead roles! While most of the film is shrouded in mystery we do know that on screen Armas will be joining Harrison Ford who will be back as Rick Deckard as well as […]

  • Marvel Studios’ Phase Four Will Be “A Distinctively Different Chapter” After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 03:11 pm GMT -4

    While many fans are riding the wave of superhero films and enjoying every minute of it, others are wondering when the bubble will burst and comic book movies will be replaced by something else. Well, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, there’s really no end in sight for them as the Marvel Cinematic Universe […]

  • TV Recap: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow: Last Refuge’

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 01:42 pm GMT -4

    Picking up where last week left off, the Legends are now aware that the bounty hunter known as ‘The Pilgrim’ is after their younger selves, and they are making moves to counter. First, Gideon tells them the most likely member to be attacked first is a young Mick Roary (kind of overly convenient that Gideon […]

  • Movie Review: ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 12:00 pm GMT -4

    Imagine you’re in a script development meeting at Perfect World Pictures and decide that you really like certain elements of ‘Frozen,’ ‘The Chronicles of Narnia,’ ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Maleficent,’ ‘Time Bandits,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and other big fantasy productions and just toss all your ideas in the blender. You then send the entire script […]

  • ‘Krypton’ Pilot Is A Go At Syfy With A Showrunner And Director

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 11:00 am GMT -4

    Syfy has been developing the Superman prequel series ‘Krypton’ for over a year and a half now, but things are shaping up!  The network has ordered a pilot with Damian Kindler (‘Sleepy Hollow’) on board as executive producer and showrunner.  Colm McCarthy (‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sherlock’) will direct the pilot episode, which, should Syfy be happy […]

  • How Did This Week’s ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Tie In With ‘Captain America: Civil War’?

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 10:00 am GMT -4

    *This article contains SPOILERS for those that are not caught up on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’.* Last month, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘ executive producer Jed Whedon revealed that the events of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ would directly affect Director Phil Coulson and his team. Though he wouldn’t get into any details, many assumed that he meant that literally […]

  • “Earth Is Not For The Taking” In New ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Trailer

    Posted Friday, April 22nd, 2016 09:00 am GMT -4

    What better way to remember the purpose of  Earth Day than to see our planet get demolished by aliens bent on revenge? Luckily, 20th Century Fox has released the newest trailer for ‘Independence Day: Resurgence‘ which shows that environmental protection sometimes means doing more than reuse, reduce and recycle. The Earth has once again come […]

  • Michael Keaton Drops Out Of ‘Spider-Man’ Talks But Another Superhero Signs On

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 09:00 pm GMT -4

    SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information which may be considered a SPOILER for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ so proceed with caution. Fans who wanted to see the classic big screen Batman face off with the new Spider-Man are in for a disappointment.  Michael Keaton was in talks for a role in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, due next […]

  • The Digital One Shot ‘The Walking Dead: The Alien’ Gives A Couple Huge Insights To Kirkman’s Zombie Universe

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 08:00 pm GMT -4

    This week a new one-shot set in the world of Robert Kirkman‘s ‘The Walking Dead‘ was released and in it, we’re shown two huge reveals. In a story that is fully canon, we’ve been given a story that feels to have been born from Kirkman’s pen but was given to us by writer Brian K. […]

  • Marvel/DC Exchange Program Continues: Green Goblin Willem Dafoe Joins The ‘Justice League’ Cast

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 07:00 pm GMT -4

    Red Rover, Red Rover… Are DC and Marvel hand-picking actors from each others’ film rosters to transition to “the other side?”  It seems that way!  First, J.K. Simmons, who perfectly embodied J. Jonah Jameson in the first batch of ‘Spider-Man’ movies was cast in Warner Brothers’ ‘Justice League’ as Commissioner Gordon.   Now comes word that […]

  • She Won’t Be Back: Emilia Clarke Is Done With The ‘Terminator’ Franchise

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 06:00 pm GMT -4

    In what has to be among the least surprising news of the week, it seems that Emilia Clarke is not interested in returning to the ‘Terminator’ franchise following the critical mess that was ‘Terminator: Genisys.’ The film, which had been planned to revitalize the franchise with fresh faces and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in […]

  • 4 New Cast Members Sign On For ‘American Gods’ As Filming Begins

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 05:00 pm GMT -4

    Starz adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s ‘American Gods‘ goes into production this week so it is a good thing they’ve finished rounding out the cast by adding four more actors to the roster. We’ve just learned that Cloris Leachman (‘The Muppet Movie’,’Malcolm in the Middle’), Peter Stormare (‘Prison Break’,’The Big Lebowski’), Chris Obi (‘Snow White and […]

  • ‘Doctor Strange’ Writer Says The Teaser Is Only “A Small Taste Of How Crazy This Movie Gets”

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 04:00 pm GMT -4

    While Marvel definitely has its winning formula down pretty well for the “average” superhero film, it is the general consensus of most fans that where the Cinematic Universe really shines are the quirkier, riskier stories that involve the lesser-known characters – movies like ‘Ant-Man‘ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’  With ‘Doctor Strange’ poised to hit […]

  • ‘Blade Runner 2′ Gets A New Release Date

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 03:06 pm GMT -4

    ‘Blade Runner’ directed by Ridley Scott, comfortably sits in the pantheon of incredibly influential sci-fi films that completely tanked at the box office.  The original starred Harrison Ford in between ‘Star Wars’ movies and before ‘Indiana Jones’ and is considered a high mark in the genre.  This is all despite the nebulous ending that left […]

  • Mutant Advertisements: ‘X-Men’ Characters Show Off Their Powers In New Sky Promos

    Posted Thursday, April 21st, 2016 02:05 pm GMT -4

    In case you have not noticed, blockbuster season is just around the corner (or already started if you want to count the pestilence that was ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘) which of course means advertising for every studio’s big movies is running at full capacity. Aside from the standard trailers, promos, and clips from […]