Tom Holland

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is in theaters now and is swinging into its first weekend.  So far, reaction has been rock solid as fans are relishing another, larger dose of Tom Holland’s delightfully dorky Peter Parker, a bumbling teenager trying to juggle the normal pitfalls of adolescence and the responsibilities of being one of the mightiest superheroes on Earth.  In ‘Far From Home’, that task is even more daunting now that the world is shy a few champions.

Not to get too SPOILER-Y here, but the movie absolutely sets up a sequel or two.  So the question arises– how many more movies does Holland have on his contract?  Unfortunately, the answer may not be the one fans want to hear.  Holland only has ONE movie left on his contract, and it’s for another solo picture to be co-produced by Sony and Marvel Studios/Disney.  He has NO more Marvel Studios crossover films left to fulfill.


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You may recall that Sony had the film rights to Spider-Man and all related characters, which prevented Disney from using him in its Marvel Cinematic Universe.  But after ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ underperformed, Sony entered a pact with Marvel/Disney, that would essentially have them reboot the character for Sony, and would allow Marvel/Disney to use the character in some of its movies.

As this was something of an experiment, it sounds as though both sides were cautious.  Holland was only contracted for three solo movies to be co-produced by the two studios and three team-up movies.  ‘Captain America: Civil War’ was #1, and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ were #2 and #3.  So… essentially, he’s done with the MCU.

He still has one solo picture left to make, but that’s it.


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Here’s where it gets kind of dicey for fans.  Under normal circumstances, the studio could just offer him a new contract.  Of course, Holland would request more money, maybe a back end deal, or possibly even an executive producer credit.  But eventually a deal would be struck and he could continue as Spider-Man.

Except, in this case, there are two studios involved and Sony is the one holding all the cards.  Sony may feel that Holland’s Spider-Man is so popular that they don’t need Marvel.  Why share the money, now that the character and his franchise are “fixed?”

And this is a cutthroat business, so it would be nice if Sony would negotiate a new deal with Disney but now that the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise is a blockbuster again, they don’t necessarily need to and if they do, they’ll play hardball.

Then again, this franchise is so secretive that a deal might have already been worked out and we just don’t know about it yet.

Either way, we have at least one more Tom Holland solo ‘Spider-Man’ picture to look forward to.  After that, it’s anyone’s guess.