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Even though ‘Brightburn’ wasn’t a massive hit, producer James Gunn says that talks are underway for a sequel.  After Gunn posted a message on Instagram that had nothing to do with ‘Brightburn’ (he was lamenting the cancellation of Mad Magazine), a fan replied:

“We definitely need @brightburnmovie sequel! Would you be so kind and direct it? @jamesgunn.”

To which Gunn responded:

“@khodjavy I think I’m tied up for the next few years with Suicide Squad and then Guardians, but we’re talking about the sequel.”

It should be noted that Gunn didn’t direct the first ‘Brightburn’.  David Yarovesky helmed the Superman-inspired horror flick, which was written by James’ brother Brian and their cousin Mark.  James produced, along with Kenneth Huang.  James came aboard after being fired by Disney, but he has since been re-hired.


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Gunn is attached to helm two big-budget comic book movies, Warner Brothers’ ‘The Suicide Squad’ and Disney/Marvel Studios’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3’.

‘Brightburn’ was a dark twist on the origin of Superman, with a kindly farm couple adopting an alien baby they find in the woods, but unlike the comic book Clark Kent, this kid, Brandon Breyer, uses his powers to kill those who he feels wronged him, essentially destroying his home town in gory ways.  The film also included a post-credits tease that this world also housed evil versions of other iconic DC superheroes like Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and a reference to Gunn’s earlier dark superhero film ‘Super’ which starred Rainn Wilson, as a non-powered vigilante a la Batman.

The film made $31 million worldwide, so it wasn’t a smash, but it only cost $6 million to make, so even with marketing, it was profitable.  It wouldn’t be the worst idea to follow that up with a sequel.

Did you enjoy ‘Brightburn’?  Would you like to further explore this reality?