Star Trek

CBS’s “Star Trek” visionary Alex Kurtzman has been quite open to his plans for upcoming shows. While he hasn’t yet shared the plot or name of the upcoming Nickelodeon kid’s cartoon based on the franchise, he is making a bold claim about it. Not only is he hyping the style of the series but is sharing what he believes will really help it connect with viewers, visually at least.

This is the second animated entree into the “Star Trek” franchise as CBS is developing “Lower Decks” as an adult orientated series.


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According to Kurtzman,

“The Hageman brothers are doing [an animated] show for Nickelodeon, and that will be entirely different from Lower Decks. I won’t announce the name of the Nickelodeon show, but that’s a really different show. That’s a show that’s for kids, younger. Full CG animation. It’s going to be incredibly cinematic. We just started seeing [storyboards] this week. It looks like, wow. It’s on par with Love, Death, and Robots in terms of beauty and lighting and cinema, so it’s a really different feel, and Nickelodeon has been wildly supportive, and I think very excited to bring a new energy to TV, you know, in animation.”

Fans of ‘Love, Death, and Robots’ on Netflix should be thrilled by this news. Even while the Nickelodeon cartoon is aiming to draw in a younger audience, there will likely be an influx of viewers who just enjoy the franchise tuning in as well. Having it visually spectacular will help connect to audiences where the material might be a little more laid back than what they’re used to.

While the focus of the show will be on newer faces, he did go on to tease that “It’s mostly new. There may be some that you know, but it’s mostly new.”

Hopefully, we’ll soon learn what era of the “Star Trek” franchise this new story will take place in.

Are you looking forward to “Star Trek” boldly going where the franchise hasn’t gone before to capture a younger audience? Will you be checking out this new cartoon even though it is targeted at kids on Nickelodeon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Comic Book