San Diego Comic-Con International

Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, San Diego Comic-Con International, will not be held, but organizers have managed to pull together some of the biggest names in entertainment to provide a virtual Comic-Con that millions will be able to view from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Below, you will find the panels for Friday.  The word of the day appears to be “zombies” as there are multiple zombie-themed events lined up including a look at the work of George Romero, and AMC’s presentations for ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, and the upcoming ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’.  Creator Robert Kirkman is also hosting his own panel from home.  NOTE: AMC will announce an air date for ‘The Walking Dead’ S10 finale, which was not completed before the COVID-19 shutdowns, but not seems to be ready to roll.

In what might wind up being the most talked-about panel of the entire con, Joss Whedon is holding a panel.  A little more than a week ago, Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in ‘Justice League’, accused Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior on the set of that picture.  Fisher has since stated that he can’t go into further detail due to a nondisclosure agreement.  Whedon has not responded.  If he goes through with this virtual panel… he’ll kind of have to!

On a more positive note, the 2020 Eisner Awards close out Friday’s festivities.

Check out the full roster of events below.  Times are Pacific.:

10:00 AM

“Crazy” Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture, and the Pandemic
Charlize Theron: Evolution of a Badass – An Action Hero Career Retrospective
Cosplay – the Spice of Life!!!
HBO Max: The Cartoon Network Studios Collection
Howard Cruse: The Godfather of Queer Comics
Last Gasp: 50 Years of Publishing the Underground Part I The comics, moderated by Jon Cooke and mainly focused on the period 1970-1995
Lights, Camera, LGBTQI-dentity! Never Alone
Pixel Stories – Reimagining Video Game Narrative
Reclaiming Indigenous History and Culture Through Comics
The 2020 Black Panel
The Mandalorian and His Many Gadgets
DC@Home Day One

11:00 AM

Blade Runner Comic Panel
Decoding the Kirby/Lee Dynamic
Entertainment is Female: a Conversation with Hollywood Executives
HBO Max and Cartoon Network Studios: Adventure Time: Distant Lands
Hot Wheels: Designing Fans’ Exclusives
Make Your Own Felted Friends!
Marvel Comics: Next Big Thing
Raina and Robin in Conversation
Star Wars Audiobooks: Doctor Aphra
TragiComicsVikings: Celebrating 6 Seasons of The Series


AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead
Collider: Quibi’s Don’t Look Deeper Panel
Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes with Undiscovered Country
HBO Max and Cartoon Network Studios: Infinity Train
History Goes Graphic
Lucasfilm Publishing: Stories From a Galaxy Far, Far Away
The Undiscovered Art of Jack Kirby: Architect
TOKYOPOP: Manga for Everyone
Zombies and Coronavirus: Planning for the Next BIg Outbreak
Thought Bubble & Comic-Con@Home: Tula Lotay in Conversation

1:00 PM

Spotlight on Darcie Little Badger
AMC’s The Walking Dead
From Idea to Hired: Books, TV, Film, and Comics
Harryhausen100: Into the Ray Harryhausen Archive
IDW: Draw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!
LMGI – Hollywood Location Scouts
Make Mine Marvel: Bringing Back Marvel Classics for Today’s Readers
Mattel Creations: Designing Pop Culture
Water, Earth, Fire, Air: Continuing the Avatar Legacy
[adult swim] YOLO: Crystal Fantasy

2:00 PM

AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond
Entertainment Weekly: Brave Warriors
GirlsDrawinGirls: Industry Professional Women Artists in Quarantine: Balancing work, art, homeschooling, and life
I Am Not Okay with This – From the Page to the Screen!
Real Weird Science Alive and At Home!
The Psychology of Star Trek vs. Star Wars
UnMasked: Rhapsody PR’s Behind-the-Music panel
Your Secret Weapon: How Friendship Saves the Day
[adult swim] 12oz Mouse

3:00 PM

First Look at Hulu’s Helstrom
Galaxy Grrls, or the Female and Non-Binary Authors who Bridge the new Frontier of Space Fiction
Get It On the Table: Designing Your Tabletop Game
HBO MAX: Adult Animation Panel
Hermes Press and Gothic Comics in America
Latin American Horror Cinema 2: Sometimes They Come Back
Observational Drawing by Controlling Angles
Peacock Original Series: The Capture
Reimagining Mandrake The Magician with Erica Schultz
The Annual Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
The Vortex opens AGAIN- Vortex 2.0 launches Storm King ComicsZoom into Xadia: The Dragon Prince

4:00 PM

Bob’s Burgers
Comic-Con: Robert Kirkman at Home
Crossing Swords
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors
How to Make a Comic From Start to Finish
Legendary Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Talks Toys, Comics, and More!
Remote Real-Time: The Age of Virtual ProductionSinless, Fearless, Ruthless – A look at science and social science in a YA sci-fi book
The Nacelle Company: Pop-Culture Under Quarantine
Vampirella 50th Anniversary Finale
VIZ: A Haunting Conversation with Junji Ito

5:00 PM

A Zoom with Joss Whedon
Archer @Home
Deep Blue Sea 3: The Panel!
IDW: The Mueller Report in 10-minutes
No Strange Bedfellows: The Relationship Between Pro Wrestling and Comics
Read Manga and Learn Classics Literature!
The Living Dead: Celebrating the Legacy of George Romero
Unboxing Pandora: Season Two On The CW This Fall

6:00 PM

Building Your Own Themyscira: Connecting With Other Geeky Bosses
Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining
Klingon Lifestyles the Home Alone Year
SYFY: TZGZ’s Adult Animated Originals
The Famous Monsters Podcast
The Wonderful, Horrible World of E.C. Comics
Travel Through Time with Comics
TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites

7:00 PM

32nd Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

View Wednesday’s schedule here and Thursday’s here.

To schedule your viewings of these panels, visit the Comic-Con website.