‘The Walking Dead’ wrapped up its 10th season prematurely with this weekend’s episode, “The Tower.”  There is still one last episode, the official season finale, entitled “A Certain Doom,” but due to forced shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, post-production couldn’t be completed in time to get it on the air this coming weekend.  Showrunner Angela Kang confessed that post on a big episode like this would normally take two weeks, and they were only half a week into the process when everything came to a halt.

So fans must deal with the fact that there is a massive season finale hovering out there in limbo just waiting for the final touches before it can air.  And while that episode will surely be packed with surprises, one cat that AMC and the series’ creators have willingly let out of the bag is that it features the return of Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene Rhee.

Maggie’s return conveniently comes just as the show has said goodbye to its other female lead, Michonne Hawthorne played by Danai Gurira.  Though we don’t know the circumstances under which Maggie returns, this video preview (released by co-production studio Skybound) confirms that she will appear in the flesh in the season finale.

The video sets up other events, beyond Maggie’s return.  Eugene and his group, including newcomer Princess (Paola Lázaro), appear to grow closer to their destination, a settlement known as the Commonwealth.  Gabriel, Daryl, and Carol prepare themselves for a huge zombie horde.

As for Maggie, she comes across a letter in a bottle, presumably from Carol, that updates her on some of the events that have transpired in her absence.  I hadn’t really put it together in my head, but all of her closest allies– Jesus, Tara, and Enid– are dead.  It almost makes you wonder WHY she would return in that case, but of course, that remains to be seen.

And it also remains to be seen when this episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ will be completed and aired.  Check back for updates until then.

Are you excited to see Maggie return?