‘Star Wars’ fans take hope. Ever since the announcement that Disney now owns the rights to ‘Star Wars,’ fans have worried about the fate of their beloved franchise. Well, we’re here to tell you that George Lucas has heard your concerns and in a new video has decided to address them, reassuring all that he will represent the fans. To prove it, he’s giving out a few sneak peeks about what to expect in the new ‘Star Wars VII’ film.

Of course we’ve just pulling your leg, but the folks at BarelyPolitical put together this great parody of George Lucas giving out some teasers on the impact Disney would have on the film.

While there has been a great many memes and videos about this buy out, this one does rank up at the top. The folder labeled ‘Classic Films to Ruin’ on Lucas’ desk had me laughing as well as the musical number with ‘Beauty and the Beast’s’ Candle-e. After all, what’s a Disney film without that rousing “yes I can do it!” song (and scarily this parody hits the nail on the head with their song).

So sit back and enjoy George Lucas as he lets you in on some of Disney’s magical plans for ‘Star Wars VII.’

‘Star Wars VII’ Sneak Peek: