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Now that Sam Raimi is likely to be directing ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’, more changes seem to be taking place.  Jade Halley Bartlett (‘The Turning’) had been attached to pen the screenplay, but now the head writer of Disney+’s ‘Loki’ series, Michael Waldron, is stepping aboard to take over.  It’s unknown if he will be reworking Bartlett’s script or if he will be starting from scratch, but considering that the movie is due to be released next year, the latter seems unlikely.

Though details are unknown, ‘Loki’ will tie into ‘Multiverse of Madness’, so it makes sense that the writer of one will have a hand in the other.  Waldron was formerly a writer and producer of ‘Rick and Morty’.  It is also known that another Disney+ series, ‘WandaVision’ also feeds into the next ‘Doctor Strange’ and that Elizabeth Olsen will co-star in the film.


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Previous buzz was that ‘Multiverse of Madness’ would be the scariest Marvel movie yet.  If that is that case, Raimi seems like an excellent choice, as the majority of his work has been in that arena.  And actually, Bartlett might also seem like a solid pick as well, but there is the likely chance that Waldron’s script will build off of hers.

Benedict Cumberbatch will reprise the role of Doctor Stephen Strange, which he played in the first ‘Doctor Strange’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’.  Benedict Wong, who appeared as Wong in all three of those pictures is also coming back.  Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff joins in on the adventure, and the latest buzz is that Chiwetel Ejiofor will also be back as Mordo.  It was just revealed that Rachel McAdams, who played Doctor Christine Palmer in ‘Doctor Strange’ will NOT return in the sequel.

Check back for more information as it emerges.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ will be released in theaters on May 7, 2021.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter