In a move that we all knew would happen sooner or later, it looks like Marvel will cease publication of ‘The Superior Spider-Man‘ and launch an all-new ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ written by Dan Slott and drawn by Humberto Ramos, featuring a resurrected Peter Parker taking his role back from Otto Octavius, formerly his nemesis Doctor Octopus.

Here is Marvel’s official statement:

“Amazing Spider-Man is the original Spider-Man title, launched in 1963 under Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and it’s still going strong. From January 1999 to December 2003 it was renumbered Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2), which is why there are no issues #442-499 listed here. Obviously, there’s been a few creative changes since Stan and Steve’s day. Currently it is published twice-monthly, with a single writer and an alternating group of artists on different story arcs. It is the core Spidey title in the mainstream Marvel Universe, and an absolute must for even the casual Spidey fan.”

No mention of how Parker will return or what will become of Octavius.  Well… honestly there’s no mention of much at all.  But Petey sure looks happy to be alive again!

And I’m sure his millions of fans will likewise be thrilled to see Parker resume the role of New York’s favorite wall-crawler.  Are you among them?

Source: Comic Book Movie