Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Pringles commercial screen shot
Cartoon Network

A lot of companies shell out big bucks to feature major stars in their Super Bowl ads.  Pringles chose to hire… the cast of ‘Rick and Morty’, and according to Rick, they were paid “hardly anything.”  The ad features Rick (voiced by series co-creator Justin Roiland) and Summer (Spencer Grammer), as well as Rick who seems very impressed with the idea of stacking multiple flavors of Pringles to create unique taste experiences.  The one he suggests, Pizza, Barbecue, and Jalapeno for a “spicy barbecue pizza stack” doesn’t sound half bad!  But as is the norm in the world of ‘Rick and Morty’ things go sideways, when Rick realizes that this isn’t the real Morty.

Check out the commercial below:


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Though it isn’t specifically mentioned by name in this commercial, Pringles has just launched a new “Pickle Rick” flavor.  Can you think of any interesting combinations that could use the “Pickle Rick” flavor?

Pringles/Cartoon Network

According to a representative (via Heavy.com):

“They are at stores nationwide while supplies last.”

Some sources are also reporting that the crisps were released early at some outlets.  Look for a special cardboard display of the chips:


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I’m Pickle Rick… Pickle Rick Pringles. Look for the fun commercial that announces their arrival during the second quarter of the game tomorrow. They will be hitting stores nationwide starting the first week of Feb. Here’s also a sneak peak at the displayer to help you spot them in store. These seem to have a bit more of an intense pickle flavor than regular Pickle flavored Pringles. Great as is and perfect for flavor stacking. Now where’s the Cheeseburger Pringles? 👀 Thanks Pringles/Kellogg’s for sending these my way!🥒. #pringles #picklerick #picklerickpringles #rickandmorty #kelloggs #SuperBowl #football #impicklerick #flavorstacking #adultswim #mortybot #gametime #chips #junkfood #stackpringles

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Hopefully, these will be more readily available than McDonald’s Szechwan nugget sauce that caused an uproar a few years ago!  As you can see in the text in the Instagram post, “Pickle Rick” Pringles will have a more intense flavor than the regular flavor which already bears the intense name “Screamin’ Dill Pickle.”

Will you be tracking these down?