Matt Reeves

The audience at San Diego Comic-Con had one message for Matt Reeves: “Don’t screw up our Batman movie!”  That’s what the crowd chanted in unison in a video that Reeves posted on Twitter.  You can check it out below:

Reeves wasn’t there to present anything, and for all intents and purposes, ‘The Batman’ is still in the planning stages, so there isn’t anything to reveal.  (Besides, Warner Bros. opted not to hold events for any of its upcoming movies, save one– ‘It: Chapter Two’)

Do they have anything to be worried about?  It depends.  Reeves is best known for ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’, and before that helmed the found-footage hit ‘Cloverfield’.  So, depending on a person’s opinion of those, the prospect of Reeves taking on ‘The Batman’ could be cause for celebration or concern.

Besides, even if he does screw it up, it wouldn’t be the first bad ‘Batman’ movie.  And I’ll just stop right there.


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So far, not much is known about ‘The Batman’.  Only one actor has officially been cast, Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman.  The film will not be an adaptation of the comic book ‘Batman: Year One’, but does focus on a Dark Knight that is still in the early days of his crime-fighting career.  (Necessitating the role being recast and Ben Affleck stepping down.)

Rumor has it, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon are in Reeves’ script, which is no surprise.  But there is talk that Robin will appear, which would be an interesting move.


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Also a bit unusual is the buzz that the film will feature a roster of multiple villains.  Reportedly, The Riddler will be the film’s main antagonist, but there are said to be parts of varying degrees for Catwoman, Firefly, The Mad Hatter, The Penguin, and Two-Face.  Despite lobbying hard for the role, Josh Gad is not playing The Penguin, but there are rumblings that Andy Serkis is reportedly being considered to play someone.  Vanessa Kirby‘s name has surfaced for consideration for the Catwoman role.

Are you concerned about Reeves screwing up ‘The Batman’?  Or are you confident he’ll nail it?