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Zack Snyder: Rob Pattinson as Batman?  Like!

So, the director of one of the worst comic book movies ever, ‘Batman V Superman’, approves of the casting of Robert Pattinson as the new younger Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’.  Pattinson and Reeves can now rest easy.


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Under Snyder’s tenure with the Warner Brothers DC films, Ben Affleck was cast in the same role, which sent the internet into a tizzy, but personally, I think Affleck was just fine in both his films.  Pattinson’s casting has also incurred negative reactions, with some fans putting together an online petition to get him fired, even when his casting was just a rumor.  (Also, internet petitions are pointless garbage.  Stop doing them.)

Famous comic fan Stephen Colbert posted a message reading “And Battinson it is,” which Snyder liked.

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Looks like Zack is as hyped as we are!! #Battinson

— Sam the Ghidorah Stan (@SamParkerMetal) May 31, 2019

Snyder’s pick, Affleck, was originally supposed to star in, produce, and direct ‘The Batman’, but after Snyder’s movies ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ underperformed, Warner Brothers began having second thoughts.  Though we don’t know what went on behind closed doors, Affleck first announced that he was stepping down as director, although he was still expected to star and produce.  But of course, eventually, it was learned that Reeves wanted to make a movie set earlier in the Caped Crusader’s career and that Affleck was out entirely.


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Most Pattinson detractors can’t get past the fact that he played brooding emo vampire Edward Cullen in the teen girl-targeted ‘Twilight’ movies, but since then, Pattinson has avoided high-profile projects to do weightier dramas– ‘The Lost City of Z’, ‘High Life’– and most naysayers have most likely never seen them.

My only issue with him is he is not photogenic in the least.  He looks decent in motion, but in every still photo, he looks like a filthy unshaven heroin addict five days into a bender.  Every picture.

Well, now that Zack Snyder has given it his blessing, ‘The Batman’ is expected to begin shooting late this year.  It is scheduled to open on June 25, 2021.