Mark Hamill Child's Play

Will this win purists over?  Orion Pictures has announced that the legendary Mark Hamill will lend his voice to the new Chucky in the reboot of ‘Child’s Play’.

Producer David Katzenberg stated:

“We feel incredibly lucky to have an icon creating a new take on an iconic character.  Mark is a gifted actor and celebrated vocal performer, and he’s approached this challenge with incredible energy and commitment.”


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Hamill most famously voices another fictional serial killer, The Joker in various DC Comics animated projects, including the landmark ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.  Hamill is a prolific voice actor.  Among his upcoming projects are Netflix’s ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’, ‘The Last Kids on Earth’, and ‘Invincible’.  And of course, he’s Luke Skywalker.


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The reboot of ‘Child’s Play’ is being created without the input of franchise creator Don Mancini or Chucky actor Brad Dourif.  Both are instead working on a TV series that continues the storyline of the existing films.  (They were invited to participate, but declined.)

Lars Klevberg (‘Polaroid’) directed the new film, with a script by Tyler Burton Smith (video games ‘Sleeping Dogs’, ‘Quantum Break’).  Aubrey Plaza (‘Legion’) stars, along with Gabriel Bateman (‘The Dangerous Book for Boys’) and Brian Tyree Henry (‘If Beale Street Could Talk’).  ‘It’s Seth Grahame-Smith and Katzenberg serve as producers.

“The story follows a mother named Karen (Plaza) who gives her son Andy (Bateman) a toy doll, Chucky, though both aren’t aware of its evil nature.”

In the original series, Chucky was possessed by the soul of the “Lakeshore Strangler,”  Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray, a serial killer and practitioner of voodoo.

The live-action portions of the film are already shot, so Hamill is coming in pretty late in the game, but he tends to be a crowd pleaser with any voice work he provides.

‘Child’s Play’ will slash into theaters on June 21, 2019.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter