Child's Play

The remake of ‘Child’s Play’ is currently shooting in Vancouver with Norwegian filmmaker Lars Klevberg behind the camera, with a script by Tyler Burton Smith and Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg attached as producers.  The film comes from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and does not have the blessing or involvement of Don Mancini, the creator of the evil doll Chucky and the original film franchise.  (Brad Dourif who voices Chucky also passed.)  In all fairness, the creators of MGM’s ‘Child’s Play’ have nothing but respect for Mancini and his work and for the record, he was asked to contribute to the remake but declined in order to continue making movies and a TV series based on his established franchise.

The remake stars Aubrey Plaza as a mother who gives her son (Gabriel Bateman) the infamous Chucky doll for his birthday.  ‘Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry costars.

Now the creators have unveiled the revamped Chucky:

child's play

Mancini isn’t feeling it.  He invoked the queen of shade, Mariah Carey with his Twitter reaction:

“I Don’t Know Her,” was Carey’s shady response when she was asked her thoughts on fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez and the expression became a viral sensation.

Director Klevberg insisted:

“Everyone is a huge fan of Don Mancini.  [If] he was making this movie with us it would be really amazing, but we understand he has his reasons. We are extremely grateful to him and will always be. He’s someone I look up to.”

He also stated:

Child’s Play was, and is, one of my all-time horror movies and it was one of my introductions to horror.  I got the script [for the remake] and it was really really good, and I knew it was from the producers from It, and I jumped in immediately.”


“It’s going to be scary, and it’s going to be surprisingly emotional, and we also want it to be fun.  So, it’s a really good mix.”

The ‘Child’s Play’ reboot is now filming but doesn’t have a release date.  However, it’s most likely that it will arrive around this time next year, in time for Halloween.

Source: Entertainment Weekly