This is the era of remakes which more and more fans have been against but now we’re seeing creators are getting ticked off as well. In this instance, co-creator of Chucky, Don Mancini, has been subtly sharing his annoyance about a planned reboot of his ongoing series.

Considering that ‘Cult of Chucky’ opened the door for a variety of future films and that there is a television show currently in the works that still takes place in same continuity, you have to wonder why a reboot is even happening. I mean, they’re continuing the series after all these years so a reboot seems like a waste of time that would only cause annoyance or confusion with casual viewers.

Mancini didn’t just write every ‘Child’s Play’ film but he also directed the three most recent movies. With multiple news outlets being down on the reboot, Mancini has been sharing each of these stories and encouraging fans to agree with them:



If you had missed the news about the planned reboot, it sounds like instead of a possessed doll they are instead going to be creating a tale about an AI gone wrong. That is one way to change things from the original film, but I’m not sure if it is enough to win over fans. I’m sure he’s hoping that if enough people show that they are against the idea that the entire concept will get scrubbed. We’ve seen studios change direction before from the public asking so only time will tell.

Do you feel that a reboot of ‘Child’s Play’ should happen while the main stories are still being told? Does the idea of a reboot make any sense even if the original series had come to a close? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Comic Book