mark hamill batman lost episode
The Joker unleashes his diabolical plan to take down Batman in this screen capture of the ‘lost episode’ from the Sega CD game ‘The Adventures of Batman & Robin.’

Christmas came early for the Joker this year after Mark Hamill was able to watch — for the first time — a ‘lost’ episode of ‘Batman: The Animated Series.’

As it turns out, the episode probably wasn’t all that lost if you were one of the lucky few to own a Sega CD gaming console. The ‘lost’ episode is actually part of the Sega CD game ‘The Adventures of Batman & Robin.’ Fans of the show took the cutscenes from the game and combined them to form a 17-minute ‘episode.’ The ‘episode’ seems as though it could have easily been part of the TV show, and for good reason. It was written by Paul Dini, directed by Bruce Timm, scored by Shirley Walker, and voiced by the same voice actors, so you can see why many fans have added this to the ‘B:TAS’ canon.

Although gamers might have known about this hidden gem for years, some of the cast and crew of the show had long forgotten about it. Some, like Hamill, had never seen it.

Fans who knew about the Sega CD episode were a little disappointed when it wasn’t included in the newly released ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ box set on Blu-ray. That didn’t keep them from buying the limited edition set, however, as the 70,000 sets are almost sold out. For those who didn’t get the limited edition set, or just didn’t want all the extras, Warner Bros. has released a streamlined Blu-ray set so all fans can enjoy the digitally-remastered, award-winning series.

And, if you’re curious what that ‘lost’ episode was like, you can find the entire video embedded below.