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‘Stargirl’ will soar onto The CW next month, and fans of DC Comics and the various live-action adaptations are looking forward to not just one new hero, but an entire team.  The show’s titular character is played by Brec Bassinger and she will suit up as Stargirl as an homage to the deceased hero Starman (Joel McHale), and assemble a new generation as the new Justice Society of America.  Cameron Gellman portrays Rick Tyler, the second Hourman, with Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez, the new Wildcat, and Anjelika Washington as Beth Chapel, Dr. Mid-Nite II.

All three new heroes were previewed on a recently released poster for ‘Stargirl’.  Now costume designer Gina DeDomenico Flanagan has shared a design used to create the Wildcat costume.

Here is another look, with more technical breakdowns.

Readers of DC Comics will notice that this design is very similar to the costume worn by Yolanda Montez in the books, but with added detailing.  The various panels on the costume resemble tiger stripes, but the suit looks to be black on black.

DC Comics

Yolanda Montez made her debut in the 1985 comic book ‘Infinity Inc.’ #12, however, an early concept of the character appeared in a pin-up in 1983’s ‘All-Star Squadron’ #28.  Labeled as “La Garro,” that character was shown in an all-gold suit that otherwise looked the same.  She never appeared in that costume or identity again.

Infinity Inc. was a team made up of the children and protegées of the Justice Society of America.  Wildcat joined the team at the same time as new versions of Hourman and Doctor Midnight, and those just happen to be the other young heroes featured on ‘Stargirl’.  (Washington’s character will keep the Golden Age spelling of “Mid-Nite.”)

Though not a regular cast member, Brian Stapf will appear as the original Wildcat, Ted Grant.  In the comics, Ted was the godfather of Yolanda, but it remains to be seen if the same connection exists on the show.

Ted Grant had no superpowers, but thanks to genetic engineering, Yolanda possesses superhuman agility, strength, and senses, as well as razor-sharp retractable claws.

In addition to Bassinger, Monreal, Washington, and Gellman, the cast of ‘Stargirl’ includes Amy Smart as Courtney’s mother, Barbara, Luke Wilson as Barbara’s new husband, Pat Dugan, Trae Romano as Pat’s son, Mike, Christopher James Baker as Henry King/Brainwave, Neil Hopkins as Lawrence “Crusher” Crock/Sportsmaster, Neil Jackson as Jordan Mahkent/Icicle, Nelson Lee as Dr. Ito/Dragon King, and Joy Omanski as Paula Brooks/Tigress.

‘Stargirl’ will arrive on DC Universe on May 18, and will air on The CW on May 19.


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