Anjelika Washington

DC Universe’s ‘Stargirl’ has added its second cast member in Anjelika Washington, who, according to series creator Geoff Johns, is playing someone that will be “familiar to DC Comics fans.”  Unfortunately, the identity of her role is being kept under wraps.  Washington joins Brec Bassinger who plays the title character, also known as Courtney Whitmore.

Johns announced Washington’s casting, by saying:

“Anjelika Washington is a bright, funny and unbelievably talented actor and I’m thrilled to have her join the cast alongside Brec.  We’re withholding the character she’s playing for now, but it’ll be one familiar to DC Comics fans.”

‘Stargirl’ will introduce a modern incarnation of the Justice Society of America.  Johns wrote both the original Stargirl series ‘Star and S.T.R.I.P.E.’ and ‘Justice Society of America’ which included Stargirl as a main character.  While it is unknown who Washington is playing, it’s possible she will play Mary, Courtney’s best friend in her solo series.  Mary was not a super being, just Courtney’s civilian friend at Blue Valley High.

But Johns’ phrasing makes it sound as if she will play a more dynamic role, possibly a member of the Justice Society.  Even though she looks the part, she is definitely not playing Lightning, a.k.a. Jennifer Pierce, because that character already appears on The CW’s ‘Black Lightning’ as portrayed by China Anne McClain.  Other options could include a gender swapped version of Jakeem Thunder or Cyclone, two other young characters from the series.

It has been confirmed that the Yolanda Montez version of Wildcat will be on the show, but that character is Latina and it’s not likely they would alter that.  Another possibility could be the Beth Chapel incarnation of Dr. Midnight, but that character was an adult surgeon and Washington is much too young for that unless they adjust the character, perhaps to a pre-med student.

Then again, they could also tweak just about any character, so we will just have to wait a bit until Johns and company are ready to reveal who Washington is playing.

Washington has previously popped up on two episodes of the Marvel Comics adaptation ‘Runaways’ on Hulu, portraying “Gert 2.”  She has also appeared on ‘Shameless’, ‘Versus’, ‘Young Sheldon’, and ‘Those Who Can’t’.

(And if you are interested in a list I compiled of JSA characters I’d like to see on ‘Stargirl’, check it out here.)

‘Stargirl’ is presently expected to debut on DC Universe at the end of August.

Source: Newsweek