‘Fear the Walking Dead’ may have seen its sixth season delayed by the coronavirus outbreak, but AMC seems hopeful that it will be ready to air by summer.  The network has released a new teaser trailer that states that the series will return in “Summer 2020.”

There is a brief shot of a blonde woman in a cage, which is cryptic at best, but when the official ‘Fear’ Twitter account released the trailer, it was captioned with the question “Who will rise from the ashes?”  Fans have seized on this as a potential clue that Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens, the show’s former lead, might return.

Madison’s death was not shown on-camera, but she was seemingly engulfed in the flames of the destruction of the Dell Diamond baseball stadium.  In Season 5, her daughter, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) painted the image of a phoenix– the mythological being that is known for rising from the ashes– with the phrase “No one’s gone until they’re gone.”

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has never been as popular as the regular ‘Walking Dead’ series, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have fans that are just as passionate.  In what appeared to be a maneuver to boost ratings on ‘Fear’, Madison was seemingly killed off, allowing for Lenny James‘ Morgan Jones, a character from the parent series, to assume the role of series lead.  The change did not go over well with existing ‘Fear’ fans… or Dickens herself.

Madison seemingly died at the end of Season 4, and fans were so unhappy with Season 5 that they launched a petition to have showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, replaced, stating that ‘Fear’ had become “a shell of what it was” and “a parody of the original show.”

Dickens has since joined the cast of the USA Network series ‘Briarpatch’.  While promoting that, she spoke to Access Hollywood.  However, the outlet also asked about the possibility of Madison returning to ‘Fear’, to which the actor responded:

“I think fans are still upset about it at times. I don’t know.  That’s the nature of the genre, though. You can be gone like that. And you can also pop up at some time, at any time.”

Keep in mind, the trailer doesn’t make any reference to Madison, nor does it actually contain the phrase “Who will rise from the ashes?”  That was just the caption on the tweet.  So it is possible that fans are jumping to the wrong conclusion.

But would you like to see Madison return?

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ returns to AMC sometime this summer.