Guardians Of The Galaxy

With how ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ concluded, many would think it would be a pretty obvious plot point that the next time we saw Thor or the Guardians of the Galaxy, they would be traveling together since they all left earth on the same ship at the end of film. However, the realities of Hollywood and filmmaking do not always follow that type of logic as closely as they should.

Originally, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3‘ would have been the first movie of the two franchises to follow ‘Endgame,’ which would mean Thor would play some part in the final chapter of the ‘Guardians’ story. But after the disastrous firing and re-hiring of James Gunn (over the course of an 8 month period) by the overly cautious execs at Disney, ‘Guardians Vol 3’ has been delayed due to Gunn working on ‘The Suicide Squad‘ for Warner Bros/DC, meaning ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will come out first. How Thor split from the Guardians or whether or not they would feature in the film has been a question of interest for some time, until recently.


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While promoting his new ‘Bloodshot‘ movie, Vin Diesel (the voice of Groot) revealed that the Guardians will be in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ meaning the 4th ‘Thor’ movie has a lot more characters than we originally expected. According to Diesel:

“I am waiting and excited for my friend James Gunn to knock this next one out of the park. He took The Suicide Squad so he’s about to embark on it. Thor will also, the director talked to me about Thor will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy. That’ll be very interesting, nobody knows, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.”

So while Diesel’s potential spoiler reveals the Guardians will be in the movie, the extent of their roles still has not been determined. Especially since ‘Love and Thunder’ is trying to tell the story of how Jane Foster becomes the new Thor. There might not be a lot of times for the other heroes and their appearance may end up being nothing more than brief cameos, most likely to explain some of their travels with Thor following ‘Endgame.’ Of course, there’s also a chance that the Guardians appearance may happen solely to set up Thor being along for the ride in their 3rd movie, with the Guardians dropping by at some point to pick up Thor and leaving Jane Foster to truly take his place as the protector of Asgard.

In the end, we’ll just have to be patient as all will be revealed when “Thor: Love and Thunder” gets to theaters on November 5, 2021. Until then, feel free to share any theories or questions you have in the comments below!


Source: Comicbook