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The ‘Nosferatu’ remake just got a fresh lifeline as Doug Jones (‘Hellboy‘,’The Strain’) has signed on to the production as Count Orlok. While I’m nearly always against remakes I at least have to give the directors credit on Jones being probably the perfect casting choice to play Orlok.

The new take on the film is going for some originality by director David Lee Fisher (‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”) whose approach is being described as “a “remix” of the original film that will feature live-action and colorized digital backgrounds re-created from the original film.” We all know that doing a shot by shot recreation was already done to a mixed reception with ‘Psycho’ so doing something similar here is either going to come off brilliantly using the actual original source material or just make audiences cringe. Of course, while both are cult classics that is clearly quite a bit more familiarity from modern audiences with ‘Pyscho’ than one of the most iconic vampire films of all time.

The 1922 release was an unauthorized take of Dracula and while Bram Stoker never got credit for it there was clear references to it in this silent film which was the first vampire movie to ever be created. The story line is based on it as we follow a young woman who is on a journey to save the soul of her true love. As this is more of a remake the one major change I expect to see happen is to ditch the silent film feeling of the original though you never know what route they could end up going.

Jones is joining Sarah Carter (‘Falling Skies’), Emrhys Cooper (‘Mamma Mia’), Joely Fisher (‘Ellen’) and Jake Turner who are currently rounding out the staff.

Are you looking forward to a ‘Nosferatu’ remake? Do you think that re-imaging it so close to the original film as they have to be doing using the backgrounds from the original is the way to go? Share your thoughts below!

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