Jake Abel has signed on for James Wan‘s new low-budget horror movie, ‘Silvercup’ (not its real name).  Abel most recently starred on Netflix’s sci-fi series ‘Another Life’ with Katee Sackhoff, Samuel Anderson, Blu Hunt, and A.J. Rivera.  He is expected to return to ‘Supernatural’ this season as the long lost third Winchester brother, Adam Milligan, who has been trapped in hell for something like ten years.  Among his many other credits are the ‘Percy Jackson’ movies, ‘I Am Number Four’, and the Bravo series ‘Dirty John’.

Wan scored the biggest hit of his career last winter with ‘Aquaman’ which made over a billion dollars worldwide, and became the highest-grossing DC superhero movie ever.  He will return to helm the sequel, but before jumping back into the pool of big-budget blockbusters, Wan wanted to return to his low-budget horror roots.

His new movie is operating under the name ‘Silvercup’ but that won’t be its actual title when it is released.  Already cast are Annabelle Wallis and George Young.  Wallis stars as Grace on ‘Peaky Blinders’as Laurie Luhn in the miniseries ‘The Loudest Voice’.  She appeared as Zora in the ‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ episode ‘Calypso’.  She appeared in the films ‘Annabelle’, and ‘Annabelle Creation’, which were produced by Wan’s Atomic Monster Productions, which is also producing this film.  Among her other film credits are ‘Tag’, ‘The Mummy’, and ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’.  Young may be best known for portraying Dr. Victor Cannerts on the series ‘Containment’.  His most recent appearance was on the Taiwanese TV series ‘Déjà vu’.

‘Silvercup’ will begin filming in California in late September.  The film will be independently financed by Starlight Media and Midas Innovation, who will distribute the film in China.  New Line will distribute the film in the rest of the world.  Wan has a long history with New Line who have distributed his films starting with the ‘Conjuring’ franchise.

Check back for updates on Wan’s new mystery project as they become available.

Source: Deadline