Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalecki Would Like To Tie Up A Supernatural Loose End

What dangling plot thread would the two stars of ‘Supernatural’ like to see resolved?  While attending a celebration for the show’s 300th episode, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were separately asked by about the ultimate fate of Sam and Dean Winchester’s long lost half-brother Adam Milligan.  When last seen, Adam (played by Jake Abel), was trapped in Lucifer’s Cage in hell, along with Lucifer and Michael.  Since that episode– 2010’s ‘Appointment in Samarra’, part of Season 6– both Lucifer and Michael have returned, but there has been no sign that Adam may have also escaped.

When asked how Adam was doing, Ackles responded:

“I don’t know.  I’d like to ask him. Maybe there’s a white courtesy phone we could pick up and get a straight line to him. That’s something that needs to be touched on, and it might be. But we’ll have to see.”

Meanwhile, Padalecki seemed more interested in seeing the actor return than the character himself, answering:

“That’s a great question.  I’d do anything for Jake Abel [to come] back. He’s a dear friend and an amazing actor and an amazing man. I’ll do anything to work with him again.”

While Adam hasn’t appeared in the flesh since Season 6, he has been mentioned and has appeared in flashbacks.

The current Season 14 has a fewer number of episodes than previous seasons.  This change was made to better accommodate the actors and creators, in order that they could spend more time with their families and less time working.  There have even been whispers that The CW’s longest-running series may wrap up entirely in the foreseeable future.  14 seasons is a rare feat for any series, so if the cast and crew are ready to move on, that’s understandable.

‘Supernatural’ airs on Thursday nights on The CW, at 8pm EST.  Episode 9, ‘The Spear’ will air on December 13, after which, the show will go on hiatus and return with the second half of the 14th season on January 17, 2019.  The show’s 300th episode should air in February.