While we knew that Jessica Lange wasn’t returning for the fifth season of ‘American Horror Story‘ there was still hope that she might return for a future installment of the series, until now. While the series creator Ryan Murphy has more than expressed an interest in her returning in a starring role, she has decided to crush all of our hopes by reiterating that she was truly done with the show. During a recent interview on ‘The Charlie Rose Show’ she was asked about making an appearance and stated that:

“No, I had four years with that, four seasons, and each year was a marvelous character. Everything changed from one year to another which made it very interesting to me. But no, I think sometimes you come to the end of something and it has had its natural—”

Sadly she wasn’t able to finish her thought as Rose interrupted by saying that “people loved you in that.” Sadly the audience love isn’t enough to take her away from her other planned work. Viewers on FX won’t be without Lange for long though as one of the shows she’ll be is set to premiere on the network. ‘Feud’ will have her starring across from Susan Sarandon and also working with Murphy in a new anthology project. Sadly this one will be a season of the two working as rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. While it will most likely be an extremely entertaining watch, horror it is not.

At the very least it looks as if Lady Gaga not only did an amazing job on her first season of the series but will return for at the sixth as well. If she can keep up the performance that we’ve seen so far we at least won’t be suffering from a lack of talent.

You can watch the clip which also includes much of her upcoming work right here:

Do you wish that Jessica Lange would be willing to return to ‘American Horror Story’ or are you glad that they are pulling in new blood for the show? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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