DC Universe Swamp Thing Young Justice: Outsiders Part 2

DC Universe has announced the premiere date for its next live-action original series, ‘Swamp Thing’, and a return date for the second half of ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’.  DC Universe launched late last year and offered its first original live-action series, ‘Titans’ starting in January.  That was followed by 13 episodes of ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’.  Currently, the service is rolling out the first season of ‘Doom Patrol’.

‘Swamp Thing’, which filmed earlier this year, will arrive on Friday, May 31.  The second half of ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ will begin streaming on Tuesday, July 2.


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On ‘Swamp Thing’, Andy Bean and Derek Mears will share the role of Doctor Alec Holland a.k.a. the titular creature.  This is the same way that Negative Man and Robot Man appear on ‘Doom Patrol’, with stunt performers embodying them in person, while Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser voice them, respectively.  Crystal Reed portrays the show’s female lead, Abby Arcane.  The cast also includes Jennifer Beals, Kevin Durand, Virginia Madsen, Leonardo Nam, Will Patton, Jeryl Prescott, Maria Sten, Henderson Wade, and Ian Ziering.

Should it follow the patterns of ‘Titans’ and ‘Doom Patrol’, new episodes should arrive each Friday.


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‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ is the third season of the fan-favorite animated series, that originally aired on Cartoon Network but was cancelled after Mattel stopped financing it when the accompanying toy line flopped.  When the first batch of 13 episodes was released, DC Universe actually unveiled them two at a time, also on Fridays, but it appears that the show will now switch to Tuesday.

When it began, ‘Young Justice’ focused on the sidekicks of the Justice League as they formed their own team to handle covert missions.  There was a five-year time jump between seasons one and two, and then another before season three.  So now those sidekicks are all grown up (except for Superboy, who doesn’t age) and have either broken off on their own, or have mostly left the hero game behind.  In the current season, the heroes are investigating a metahuman trafficking ring, which is connected to political unrest in the fictional Eastern European nation Markovia.  In the last episode, the group was joined by Tara Markov, the princess of Markovia, and sister of Prince Brion, who now operates as the hero Geo-Force.  But unknown to him or the others, Tara is hiding a dark secret.

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