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In terms of fan popularity, there are few actors as well-loved in their roles as Matt Ryan is as John Constantine, the magic-wielding “hero” of DC comics who has a massive cult following, despite the ups and downs of his career as the character. And with the new streaming service DC Universe launching a ‘Swamp Thing’ series, there is a lot of fan speculation about whether Constantine might get to cameo in the series.


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While making an appearance at Wizard World Cleveland recently, Matt Ryan spoke about the new ‘Swamp Thing’ series coming to DC Universe, and shared his hope for a Constantine appearance on the series:

“John Constantine was born in Swamp Thing. Eventually, he has to be on Swamp Thing, and I just hope it’s me.”


Ryan, of course, is speaking about the fact that Constantine was created for the ‘Swamp Thing’ comics, and was spun-off from there, hence Ryan’s connection to the character and desire to be on the new series. And ever since the NBC incarnation of Constantine in the series of the same name starring Ryan, the man has been DC’s go-to for everything Constantine, and the fans have loved every minute of it. From his live-action return on the CW where he first appeared bringing Sara Lance back from the dead on ‘Arrow,’ to his continuing appearances on ‘Legends of Tomorr0w’ (including this current season where he is a series regular) where he has joined the wacky and now magical adventures of our favorite crew of miscreant heroes, Ryan has received a lot of opportunities to bring Constantine to life over the years. He has also gotten to voice Constantine for the DC Animated adventures of the hero, in releases such as ‘Justice League Dark.’


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Of course, Ryan playing Constantine in the DC Universe incarnation of ‘Swamp Thing’ would risk some continuity questions as I do not believe the DC Universe shows exist in the same Universe as the CW DC Shows, but if you believe in a multi-verse, who is to say that the DC Heroes of the DC Universe shows don’t have a Constantine that looks just like the Constantine over on the CW? Unlikely, I know, especially considering how skittish DC/WB has been about having audience confusion about characters in the past, but it would be amazing to see Ryan continue to play all incarnations of Constantine in all mediums, as he just seems perfect for the role.

What are your thoughts here? Could we see Ryan playing Constantine on ‘Swamp Thing?’ Or do you think they will ignore the character altogether? Or cast someone else? Feel free to share your theories in the comments below!

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