Young Justice: Outsiders

‘Young Justice’ fans should be used to waiting.  Cartoon Network used to chop up seasons and air them in small increments.  Then, of course, there was the approximate six-year wait between seasons two and three.  Just when it felt like the show had just returned, it is once again on a break, until June.  The show’s new home, DC Universe cranked out the first thirteen episodes in three- and four-episode increments on a weekly basis, so in just a month, fans are forced to wait some more.  But DC Universe has a small morsel to tide viewers over until new episodes arrive– a new trailer.

Just as the new season has introduced a new team, the Outsiders, it looks as though another group is getting in on the action in Season Three Part Two– Task Force X, or as they are alternately known, the Suicide Squad.  The new trailer shows a tense confrontation between Kaldur’ahm, now known as Aquaman, and Amanda Waller, with her referencing her covert team.  The clip also shows the Outsiders taking on the likes of Black Manta (who holds a grudge against Tigress), Captain Boomerang, and Monsieur Mallah.  Other highlights include Beast Boy returning to the superhero life after spending time as a “civilian” actor, and an appearance by Eduardo Dorado Jr., one of the meta-teens introduced in Season Two, who is shown utilizing his teleportation abilities.

You can view the new trailer below, as it leads into the latest episode of ‘DC Daily’, DC Universe’s daily chat show:


Gar’s return to the Team happens to coincide with Terra’s introduction to the Outsiders, so that will likely have some further ramifications down the line.  It also just so happens that Cyborg has just been brought into the series, so while there isn’t officially a unit dubbed the Teen Titans, things are getting awfully close to that.

‘Young Justice: Outsiders’ is slated to return sometime in June.