If you’ve been wanting to know more about the characters from NBC’s upcoming ‘Heroes Reborn,’ you are going to love checking out this featurette! Zachary Levi (‘Chuck,’ ‘Thor: The Dark World’) and Judi Shekoni (‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,”EastEnders’) talking more about how their characters Luke and Joanne will be in the series. These two have been teased before but for the first time we’re getting an idea of how they’ll be like when introduced.

When talking about Joanne, Shenkoni says that: “In the first episode, you basically see me hunt down people with special abilities.” Well, that isn’t going to be the way to get into the good graces of the audience who want to see the return fo their ‘Heroes.’ Levi adds on both of their characters that, “pretty quickly you find out that Luke and Joanne are pretty dark people. It’s a far cry from Chuck, that’s for sure.” I am looking forward to seeing Levi take on a new type of role but it should be pointed out that they are “dark” characters. That doesn’t necessarily translate into evil, at least not long term.

Needless to say these two aren’t going to be the ones you are rooting for, at least when they are first introduced on screen. Here, you can check out everything that they have to say below!

While we’ve known that the two were cast for ‘Heroes Reborn’ for quite some time, this is the first we’ve heard any real details on what their characters will end up being like in the new series. Prior to this all we’ve known is that they are two vigilantes who are “seeking to avenge a tragic loss.”

It still is a bit vague as to if they will actually end up being on the side of our heroes or will just be trying to hunt them down as ‘Heroes Reborn’ moves forward.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Heroes Reborn’ or did the downward spiral that ‘Heroes’ hit after the first season leave a bad taste in your mouth? Share your thoughts below!

‘Heroes Reborn’ will be premiering in the fall on Thursday September 24th at 8pm for 13 episodes this season.

Source: Comic Book