Hope you’re not getting overloaded on ‘The Umbrella Academy’ hype, but Netflix’s hit is coming back with a big BANG this week!  In the nuclear mushroom cloud kind of way, as evidenced in this new 3+ minute clip, which appears to be the show’s cold opening.  In it, viewers catch up with Five who lands in 1963 Dallas, but this is not the 1963 that we all know from history class.  At least the books never mentioned the part where the Soviet Union invaded America and unleashed a barrage of nukes.

But one thing that should delight fans is that this clip delivers the Umbrella Academy in full superhero mode, fighting for survival until their last breath… maybe.

There are a lot of surprises, so I won’t say anymore.  Check out the clip for yourself below:

Yes, it appears that Vanya is fully in control of her powers, which seem a bit like Jean Grey’s telekinesis.  And Klaus can now not just communicate with the invisible dead, but can give them form and a certain amount of solidity.  Allison’s injury from S1 (she was rendered mute after her throat was slit) has been healed and is more powerful than ever.  The limits of Luther’s super strength have never been demonstrated, but he seems pretty near impervious here.  And oh, hey you guys!  Ben is back!  Well, kind of.  His glowing blue form probably indicates that he has been restored by Klaus.

Ellen Page stars as Vanya, with Tom Hopper as Luther, David Castañeda as Diego, Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison, Robert Sheehan as Klaus, Aidan Gallagher as Five, and Justin H. Min as Ben.  Cameron Britton’s Hazel shows up in the clip, so we know he’s back for S2.  Kate Walsh‘s Handler will also be back.  S2 adds three new actors— Ritu Arya as Lila, Yusuf Gatewood as Raymond, and Marin Ireland as Sissy.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ returns on Friday, July 31.