Billie Lourd
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Fresh off of appearing in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd is set to return for a sophomore stint on FX’s ‘American Horror Story’.  Lourd made her ‘AHS’ debut in last year’s ‘Cult’, playing the liberal Winter Anderson, the sister of Evan Peters’ Trump-loving Kai Anderson.  This season was unique for having no supernatural elements and being grounded in the real world.  She previously starred on ‘AHS’ creator Ryan Murphy’s FOX horror spoof ‘Scream Queens’.

The next installment is rumored to be called ‘Radioactive’ and is set 18 months in the future.  Mainstays Sarah Paulson and Peters will be back as will Kathy Bates, Billy Eichner, Leslie Grossman, Cheyenne Jackson and Adina Porter.  Joining the cast is TV legend Joan Collins, who is said to be playing the grandmother of Peters’ character, who Murphy described as a “comedic hairdresser.”  Murphy stated that Bates, Paulson, and Peters will play the three lead characters, while the others will be supporting.  While little has been revealed, Murphy also stated that Paulson would be wearing “dental appliances.”

While ‘Cult’ diverged from the traditional supernatural horror style, Murphy has said that ‘Radioactive’ will return to the more “heightened” style of prior seasons.

“It’s heightened.  It’s not necessarily as real and grounded as the past season. We’re sort of getting back to Asylum, and Coven. That’s the tone of it.”

Since her acting debut as Lt. Connix in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, Lourd’s career has been steadily rising.  In addition to the ‘Star Wars’ movies and her collaborations with Murphy, she will be seen in the drama ‘The Billionaire Boys Club’ based on true events, which opens in August.  This movie also stars another ‘AHS’ alum, Emma Roberts.  Lourd has also signed on for the teen comedy ‘Booksmart’ which is the directing debut of Olivia Wilde.

Last year, ‘AHS: Cult’ aired in October and November, wrapping before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It’s likely to follow the same schedule this year.

Source: Deadline