One of the things that really stood out about ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 1 was the soundtrack.  Each episode was peppered with an eclectic mix of pop music, both originals and covers, from Tiffany’s 1987 mall pop anthem “I Think We’re Alone Now” to classics by The Kinks and Queen to alternative gems by Paloma Faith and Radiohead.  The series is based on a comic book written by My Chemical Romance’s frontman Gerard Way, so of course, he contributed to the soundtrack with an original song ‘One’ as well as two covers with his MCR bandmate Ray Toro, ‘Happy Together’ (originally by The Turtles) and ‘Hazy Shade of Winter’ (Simon & Garfunkle).  R&B hitmaker Mary J. Blige co-starred as the time-traveling assassin Cha-Cha and also provided a cover of Rod Stewart’s ‘Stay With Me’.

While we don’t know what delightful audio nuggets will pop up in S2, Aiden Gallagher, who plays Five, praised the use of music on the show and gave a bit of insight.

“I’m always excited, but I’m also very respectful of the music that Steve [Blackman] chooses for the show.  I saw an interview where Quentin Tarantino was talking about his writing process and how he writes with the music and that informs the tonality of the scenes, so that the music and the dialogue become one, and they really fit each other and support each other. So I always suspect that Steve has these little ideas in his mind of, ‘Okay, what fits tonally for where I want to go with this scene?’ and then writes around that. He’s got a great taste in music and fans certainly understand that from all the needle drops from the first season.”

Get ready to create a new playlist!  ‘The Umbrella Academy’ returns to Netflix this Friday!