History Channel

History Channel’s UFO drama ‘Project Blue Book’ is history, as the network has opted not to renew it for a third season.  Unfortunately, that makes this just the latest sci-fi show that ended on a cliffhanger that will seemingly never be resolved.  The news of this cancellation arrived with the news that medieval drama ‘Knightfall’ would also not return for a third season, and the declaration that all A+E Networks will deemphasize their focus on scripted material across the board.

‘Project Blue Book’ was created by David O’Leary, while Sean Jablonski acted as showrunner.  Robert Zemeckis was a producer.  The series was inspired by real events and UFO sightings and conspiracies.  Aiden Gillen (‘Game of Thrones’) starred as real-life college professor Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who was recruited by the U.S. Air Force to investigate reports of UFO activity.  Hynek was paired with Captain Michael Quinn, played by Michael Malarkey, as the duo embarked on a “dangerous quest for the truth and delve deeper into themes of global conspiracy, touch on how UFOs have impacted the evolution of our nation’s military practices and technology and lean into the nostalgia of the 1950s.”

The regular cast also included Neal McDonough, Michael Harney, Laura Mennell, and Ksenia Solo, while Keir O’Donnell and Jerod Haynes had recurring roles.  There were ten episodes apiece in Seasons 1 and 2, which both aired in January through March.  Season two found Hynek and Quinn investigating famous locations of UFO sightings, Roswell, New Mexico, where a farmer reportedly found the wreckage of a spaceship, and Area 51, the government facility where the wreckage was reportedly stashed.

Unfortunately, like many series before, ‘Project Blue Book’s last episode ended with a cliffhanger, as Quinn appeared to have been killed in an underwater explosion.

In some cases, fans rally to hopefully get another outlet to pick up a beloved show after it’s been chopped, but honestly, it doesn’t seem as though ‘Project Blue Book’ was that popular.  It seems closer to CBS All Access’ ‘Strange Angel’, which quietly came and went, also after two seasons.

Were you a fan?  Are you upset to see this series go?


Source: Deadline