Project Blue Book poster

The History Channel has ordered a second season of ‘Project Blue Book and the latest trailer shares that they’ll be visiting two of the most iconic locations for UFO hunters across the globe: Rosewell, New Mexico and Area 51! With Aidan Gillen as astrophysicist Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Michael Malarkey as Air Force pilot Captain Michael Quinn still on the case, there is plenty left for these two to investigate. Since the two are aware that a vast government conspiracy is going on, they need to find out what exactly is being hidden from them.

The upcoming season will also add Jerod Haynes as “a high-ranking, charismatic CIA operative.” We’ll have to see if he is a help or hindrance to the two leads.

You can check out the ‘Project Blue Book’ Season 2 Trailer below:


The second 10-episode season will work on unsolved cases and delve into conspiracy theories while also giving us a better look at who these two characters are. Showrunner Sean Jablonsky previously stated:

“We start with the cases, but once you get into the mystery and the conspiracy of the case, it’s about what the characters are revealing to us as well. In the same way that we try to peel back what the conspiracy is behind the cover-up, that gives us an opportunity to dive deeper into our characters. So the relationships expand, we mix people up this year, we have different pairings.”

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‘Project Blue Book’ is returning to History on January 21st, 2020 at 10 PM CST for a second season.


Source: Entertainment Weekly