Fans of ‘Warehouse 13’ get ready as this season we’ll be seeing more of Pete, Myka, Claudia and Arnie!  Syfy has ordered 7 more episodes to add to this upcoming season for a total of 20 new shows for us to see.

When Syfy first renewed the show for a fourth season in August, they only ordered 13 episodes. That’s the normal number of episodes the show has been airing for the last 3 seasons. Now they will be increasing it to 20, which is close to the number of what a normal network series would air.

‘Warehouse 13’ is about two agents who are recruited to work in a covert location called the Warehouse, a site that houses supernatural objects (also known as artifacts). Each week they are called upon to investigate and retrieve lost artifacts that are often deemed dangerous.

‘Warehouse 13’ remains to be Syfy’s most popular scripted series drawing 2 million viewers each week for most of last season. The increase in episodes shows that the network has confidence in the series and will allow the writers more time to really work on many of the cliff hangers that were in last season’s finale. What will happen to the Warehouse? Who really came out of the season unscathed? Is the ordeal really over?

For all the controversial decisions the Syfy channel has made so far (i.e. cancelling Eureka and increasing the number of  nonscripted shows), I have to say, at least in this case, they finally did something right.

Source: Deadline