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David Gordon Green, director of the hit reboot of ‘Halloween’, is set to direct the pilot and additional episodes of a TV series based on ‘Hellraiser’ for HBO.  This will not be connected to the ‘Hellraiser’ movie reboot from Spyglass Media Group, that is to be directed by David Bruckner and produced by David S. Goyer.  This will be the first television series based on ‘Hellraiser’, which originated as a novella, ‘The Hellbound Heart’, by Clive Barker, and has played out over 10 movies, novels, and comic books.  This will not be a remake or reboot, but will rather “create an elevated continuation and expansion” to the established mythology.

Mark Verheiden (DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’) and Michael Dougherty (‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’) are set to write.

‘Hellraiser’ focuses on Cenobites, sinners who died and have been turned into demonic supernatural agents of vengeance.  The most famous is nicknamed “Pinhead.”  These extra-dimensional monsters access the real world via a mysterious puzzle box called the Lament Configuration.  Their mission on Earth is to secure the souls of other sinners to torture.

Pinhead was depicted by Doug Bradley in the original eight movies in which Pinhead was distinguished from other horror villains by being a rational, cold, and intelligent being, rather than a mute slasher like Jason Voorhees or a quippy jokester like Freddy Kreuger.  Bradley even became so adept that he applied most of his own makeup and prosthetics.  Bradley was succeeded by Stephan Smith Collins, voiced by Fred Tatasciore for the 2011 movie ‘Hellraiser: Revelations’ and Paul T. Taylor in 2018’s ‘Hellraiser: Judgment’.

Green’s ‘Halloween’ was a surprise hit in 2018.  Made for just $10 million, the reboot earned $255 million at the global box office.  Since that hit, he has mainly worked in TV on HBO’s ‘The Righteous Gemstones’, Apple TV+’s ‘Dickinson’, and ‘Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet’.   He is currently editing ‘Halloween Kills’, the sequel to ‘Halloween’ which was supposed to be released in October, but at this point, who knows when or how it will come out?  He is already signed on to direct a third picture, ‘Halloween Ends’.

Are you intrigued by the idea of a ‘Hellraiser’ TV series on HBO?


Source: Deadline