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Roughly a year after the project was announced, the reboot of ‘Hellraiser’ has found a director in David Bruckner who helmed the “Amateur Night” segment of ‘V/H/S’, two episodes of Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’, and the 2017 horror movie ‘The Ritual’.  His most recent chiller, ‘The Night House’ debuted at Sundance in January and will open in theaters later this year, courtesy of Searchlight Studios (now a Disney subsidiary), who paid $12 million for it.  That film was produced by Davis S. Goyer, who is also producing ‘Hellraiser’ (via his Phantom Four studio) and co-penned the story with Teddy Tenenbaum.  The final screenplay is by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski.  ‘Hellraiser’ will be the first film from the Spyglass Media Group.

The first ‘Hellraiser’ was based on Clive Barker’s novella ‘The Hellbound Heart’ and told the story of a man named Frank Cotton, who came to possess the now-infamous puzzle box, which opened the portal to hell.  He was instantly killed and torn apart by chains and hooks.  Later, his unwitting brother Larry, and Larry’s unfaithful wife Julia move into the same home, and Frank is resurrected after Larry cuts his hand.  Carnage ensues as Julia lures unsuspecting victims back to their house. Ultimately, Frank and Julia are dispatched by the Cenobites, led by Pinhead, who would become the face of the brand.

There were nine additional movies in the original series, and the ‘Hellraiser’ story has been continued in the form of novels and comic books.

Last year, when the remake was announced, Goyer stated:

“I’ve been a fan of Clive’s work since the original Books of Blood paperbacks and The Hellbound Heart novella. Having the chance to reimagine Pinhead and the Cenobites for a new audience is a nightmare-come-true.  Gary is a true fan as well and we’re committed to making something dark and visceral.”

At this early stage, it is unknown when the new ‘Hellraiser’ will begin production or be released.  Check back for details!


Source: Deadline