We all love Sailor Moon, right?  Love it enough to recreate scene-for-scene an episode of ‘Sailor Moon’? Well, there at 250 people that love it that much, and they make up ‘Moon Animate, Make Up!,’ a crowd-sourced group animation project.

The project started in November of 2013 using the English dubbed episode “Fractious Friends,” which includes all of the original five Sailor Scouts. It was chosen because it was a stand-alone episode and had the theme of teamwork (which this project certainly needed!). Every section is done by a separate animator, which is to say that if it’s a conversation between Queen Beryl and Malachite,  every time the “camera” switches on who is talking, we are treated to a entirely different animator’s vision of the character.

Sometimes this means the Sailor Scouts are muscle bound, sometimes it means they are obese. Sometimes they are ‘Powerpuff Girl’ style, and other times they look straight out of ‘Bob’s Burgers.’

It’s quirky, and fun, and a great tribute to a show so many of us grew up on and loved.

Check it out for yourself!

Source: Moonanimate.tumblr.com