Swamp Thing: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Poor ‘Swamp Thing’.  The third live-action series from WarnerMedia’s DC Universe streaming service was canceled after just one episode was released.  The tenth and final episode will be released this Friday and it appears there is a post-credits scene.  DC Universe’s first series, ‘Titans’ also included a post-credits scene after the 11th and final episode of its first season, which teased the introduction of Superboy in Season Two.  But considering that there won’t be a second season of ‘Swamp Thing’, it begs the question of just what this bonus scene is.  Because it would be pretty cruel if it teased something nifty for the future when there isn’t one.

Producer Mark Verheiden posted the following message on Twitter:

Maybe, because Warner Brothers axed ‘Swamp Thing’ so early, the producers were able to cobble together a proper ending/goodbye/thank you for fans.


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Perhaps an overly-optimistic guess is that the post-credits stinger will set up a spin-off or replacement of some kind– perhaps a ‘Blue Devil’ series starring Ian Ziering?

Warner Brothers has never given a reason why ‘Swamp Thing’ was canceled, but it is heavily rumored that the brass at WB never understood the show and were never fully behind it.  It appears it was quite expensive to produce and WB refused to pay to store the sets between seasons.

Since its release, ‘Swamp Thing’ has gotten excellent reviews and strong positive reactions from viewers.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though WB will revive the series, but there is now buzz that the studio is considering crafting a ‘Swamp Thing’ movie that will not be connected to the show.

Considering that Verheiden is so enthusiastic about this extra footage, it sounds as though this is something pleasant for fans.  We’ll know in just a couple of days.