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Having James Gunn direct a new take on ‘Suicide Squad‘ has both those who loved and hated the original by David Ayer excited. However, we’ve now learned that Ayer was offered a shot at the sequel before Gunn and turned it down. The movie was panned by audiences and critics alike when it was released with the blame thrown at both Ayer’s direction as well as studio interference. Even so, it still ended up as a box office hit, and with the introduction of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, there were clearly some wise choices in his original work.

It turns out these decisions were solid enough that even with mixed reviews, Warner Bros. wanted him back.


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At the Television Critics Association Press Tour earlier this year David Ayer revealed:

“I had a chance to do it, but I went another way.”

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It isn’t clear if this means his work on writing for the ‘Training Day’ television series, directing ‘Bright‘ for Netflix, or working as an executive producer on the upcoming series ‘Deputy.’ Either way, Ayer was too busy and not interested enough to have a follow up to ‘Suicide Squad’ next on his list of projects.

That isn’t to say he is done with doing comic book movies. He expressed an eagerness to get back to the genre:

“I love the world creation of it, and I love the power of the IP and the fans. It’s dangerous. It’s like juggling chainsaws, but I am drawn to it, and it’s definitely an arena I’ll play in again.”

For those of you who love Ayer’s work on ‘Suicide Squad’ or other films, this is exciting news! The question now will be which studio will be hiring him in the future for another outing.

Are you surprised that David Ayer passed on tackling a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel? Would you be happy to see him return to write or direct another comic book movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: /Film