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Get ready!  Here comes another streaming service!  CBS and Viacom were once one company, then they split, and now they’re back together as ViacomCBS, and they (it?) is set to unveil a streaming service which is expected to really mine the resources of both companies.  However, this is and isn’t an all-new service.  It is described as “an extension” to the existing CBS All Access.  This new service looks to combine CBSAA and Showtime, with other assets including Pluto TV, Comedy Central, Paramount Network, Paramount Pictures, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, and CBS News, with exclusive news and sports programming as well as original scripted and unscripted shows.

The conglomerate will provide more details on February 20, but right now, word has it that the new service will come in both ad-supported and ad-free versions, and in a premium package with Showtime.  The price point is expected to be less than $10 per month, but from the sound of things, combo bundles will be offered, similar to Disney’s Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ package.

One Comedy Central show that won’t be on it is ‘South Park’, which was sold to HBO Max for an undisclosed, but reportedly high price.  And some Nickelodeon programming may not be available either, as Viacom brokered a reported nine-figure deal with Netflix last year for branded programming, as well as other projects including the Paramount Pictures film ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′.

Viacom purchased Pluto TV last year for $340 million.  It currently boasts 20 million subscribers, which isn’t too shabby.  CBSAA and Showtime currently boast 10 million subscribers combined.  Among ViacomCBS’ current streaming properties, BET+, which launched last September, is expected to remain its own entity, as is news outlet CBSN.

While it’s true that there really are too many streaming services, CBSAA is one of the barest.  Other than ‘Star Trek’, ‘The Twilight Zone’, and a few non-genre shows like ‘The Good Fight’, it seems to have much else.  So enhancing that would be welcome.

But speaking of too many services, there are two biggies coming in the months ahead — WarnerMedia’s HBO Max which launches in May, with NBCUniversal’s Peacock following in April.

Netflix currently boasts 167 million subscribers worldwide.  Amazon Prime has 150 million, while ESPN+ attracts 7.6 million, Starz 6.3 million, and YouTube TV 2 million.  Apple TV+ has not disclosed its numbers.

Check back for more details later this month!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline