David Ayer Shares That Steppenwolf Was To Start His Invasion In 'Suicide Squad'

We’ve all unfortunately seen how both ‘Suicide Squad‘ and ‘Justice League‘ have played out at this point but director David Ayer has shared that things were originally set to play out quite differently! ‘Suicide Squad’ initially was slated to introduce Steppenwolf and have his invasion kick off while we had a focus on these government-controlled supervillains. The plot would have put a large change on the role which Enchantress played in the film, but as ‘Justice League’ changed course they had to make things significantly different from the original script.

Early concept art from ‘Suicide Squad’ had cropped up which included Steppenwolf and many other aspects of the invasion in ‘Justice League.’ After it did, a fan asked Ayer about this art and the initial plans:

The director was happy to respond and actually shared how the story was first set to be told!

We already knew that ‘Justice League’ had gone through quite a few alterations after Joss Whedon had to take over from Zack Snyder but it sounds like the story was drastically evolving even long before that happened. It is likely that the massive re-edits and re-shoots that the movie had to go through weren’t connected to this directly but it does make you wonder how much of the tone and story which was initially pitched had to be changed due to this.

Do you feel that the overall narrative in the DC cinematic universe would have worked better if ‘Suicide Squad’ had been more tied into ‘Justice League’? Could this plot being changed have had a huge impact on how ‘Suicide Squad’ ended up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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