Bright 2 Sequel Is On Indefinite Hold

You may recall Netflix’s movie ‘Bright,’ directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.  It was released in 2017 back when Netflix was picking up steam in its original content.  The critics hated it (but they always hate anything scifi and fantasy) but it did gain a sizable number of fans with a then-record numbers of views.


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Personally I thought it was a great film.  I loved how we were dropped in the middle of its uber-chaotic story full of deem themes of stark racism, violence, magic, and general other-worldliness.  There was no intro screen explaining the history and rules of the place, you just had to figure it out as you went along by paying attention to comments and context offered by the various characters.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that while it wasn’t strictly a cliffhanger, it did leave me very hungry to find out what happens next in that universe.

There had been some talk about creating a ‘Bright 2’ sequel, but unfortunately, it looks like those plans have been delayed.  Production was actually supposed to start earlier this year, but Smith has been too busy.  Another actor from ‘Bright,” Lucy Fry, who played the character Tikka, explained:

“We were going to do it this year, and then it didn’t happen because of Will’s schedule.  And I really hope they do another one because I had so much fun making that movie. So, I just hope we get to do it again.”

When asked to clarify if she knew whether the movie was just on hold or dead, she replied:

No, I don’t know. I’m sorry! I wish I did know.”

I admit I’m disappointed, but I still hold out some hope that Netflix and Smith will find a way to give us another chapter in the world of ‘Bright.’