David Ayer

Many viewers had a large variety of complaints about DC’s ‘Suicide Squad‘ and while director David Ayer won’t agree with all of them, he did share that he went “too far” with the “Damaged” tattoo which was on Joker‘s forehead. We didn’t get a lot of actual screen time with Jared Leto’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime which didn’t do much to ease audience fears that this wasn’t a great iteration of Batman’s iconic villain, but one of the biggest complaints was about his look.

While there could be an argument against the caps on Joker’s teeth, his want to walk around shirtless, or the rest of the tattoos, it is that “Damaged” one which really irks the director.

It all stemmed from one fan asking him about the tattoo:

Where he shared that:

There are plenty of things to apologize for with ‘Suicide Squad,’ but as we’ve all heard, there is plenty of blame to go around. The studio made major changes to the movie, so it will never be clear as to what aspects were Ayer’s vision and what had been brought in by Warner Bros.

If you move past complaints about the Clown Prince of Crime and dive into Harley Quinn or any of the plot points and other character portrayals, fans of the source material could go on for days as to what they felt were wrong.

Do you agree that the “Damaged” tattoo was “too far” for changing around Joker? Share your thoughts in the comments below!